Vantage Resources LLC is a premier recruitment firm based in Connecticut specializing in filling key positions in different industries such as Education, Healthcare and Information Technology. Our company cornerstone is built on Outstanding Service, Team Work and Tailored Solutions that enables us to be " Your Partner in Your Growth ", our trademark and our commitment to you, clients and candidates.

Our main operations are in the US and the Asia Pacific. We believe that there is a valuable relationship between these two regions, the former, a country in need of a workforce with bachelor's degree and specialized skills, the latter, an emerging economic superpower rich in college graduates as well as opportunities. This positioning permits our unprecedented growth in a niche market along with the introduction of our innovative campaigns.  

Outstanding Service and     Team Work

Outstanding Service and Team Work goes hand in hand in delivering value to both clients and candidates.  When we help our candidates achieve their aspirations in work; it concurrently accomplish our clients long term goals. We also have dedicated teams to ensure customer service at its finest.