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Employer Solutions

​Education Industry

Schools are reliant to their Human Resources team and recruitment firms that supply the professionals needed in a vacant post. At times, there is still a need to attend job fairs to address the vacancy. Here at Vantage, we eliminate the unnecessary waiting time to fill the vacancies and high costs of paying recruitment agencies. We provide solutions perfect for your school needs. Let's talk and find out what we can do for you.


​Job prospects for engineers "are really good, especially for young ones," says Lawrence Jacobson, executive director of the National Society of Professional Engineers in Alexandria, Va. He and other industry watchers see demand across the board, especially in electrical, biomedical, aerospace, computer, automotive, environmental, mechanical, and petroleum engineering.

The outlook is shaped both by society's growing need to devise solutions to technically challenging problems—global warming, a shortage of clean water, the demand for faster and smarter computing—and by short supply. Only 4.5 percent of all undergraduates come out of school with engineering degrees, according to the National Science Foundation.- Christopher J. Gearon,

Short supply of Engineering graduates are being felt across the industry. We are experts in providing candidates for hard to fill positions. Our Employer Management Team is ready to answer

all your queries. Call us now.

Healthcare Industry

The United States will need 5.6 million more healthcare workers by 2020, as the demand for healthcare services is expected to grow twice as fast as the national economy in the next eight years, according to a new study from Georgetown University.

Of those 5.6 million healthcare job vacancies, 4.6 million will demand post-secondary education. "In healthcare, there are really two labor markets: professional and support," Anthony P. Carnevale, the study's lead author, said in the release.

Professional jobs require post-secondary training whereas support jobs demand high school and some college. Mr. Carnevale said there is an "enormous" pay gap between the two, as the average professional worker makes 2.5 times as much as the average support worker.-Molly Gamble,Becker's Hospita Review

The enormous need and lack of qualified healthcare workers have burdened hospitals and healthcare agencies. Vantage's list of qualified applicants will augment this need. Find out more by calling us.

Information Technology

Executive vice president of Acquity Group Jim Newman, whose team created the infographic below, believes the current tech hiring trends shows that top tech companies including Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft are hiring like crazy despite the global economic downturn.

"Whether the students choose business or technology disciplines, getting experience with Internet-enabled solutions will give them a huge head start when it comes to career opportunities once they graduate," Newman said.

The infographic shows that the biggest tech job markets of 2012 lie in New York, Baltimore, Seattle, San Francisco, Silicon Valley, St. Louis, San Antonio and Greensboro.

Newman told Mashable that there are huge shortages of qualified professionals in the digital and technology space. As an alternative, American companies have hired international employees that are qualified for these U.S. tech jobs because of the lack of help.

"Unfortunately, the bubble-burst of the early 2000s swayed many high school and college students away from these areas," he said. "As an employer, I am experiencing significant challenges in finding enough qualified professionals."

Newman hopes this encourages students and young professionals to consider high-tech jobs as U.S. demand grows for better research and development of products.- Joann Pan, Mashable

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