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Tailored Solutions for Job Seekers

In industries that demands the best, The Vantage Solution prepares you in all aspects.

Career Path

One of our winning solutions, Career Path is a one on one session with one of our Recruitment Specialist in which your Curriculum Vitae is checked and reviewed. Most recruitment companies will just drop your resume in their candidate bank if you do not qualify or just inform you that you are indeed qualified and will be in need of submitting further requirements. At Vantage, we take you one step further. We take time to sit down with you and explore the best options for you based on your resume and experience. In our company, we have " MALASAKIT " a Filipino word that has no direct translation in English but best captures what we do in the company. We understand the need to find a job to better your future and what better way  to help you grow is for the company to guide you and make recommendations to find your way to Success.

Course Offerings: NPTE, NBCOT and Praxis Review

Don't know what test to take? Don't know where to start? Vantage Resources provides you complete information from start to finish. The Vantage Solution is an integrated program that furnishes candidates the ff: information, comprehensive review, test schedules and registration. 

​​What is NPTE? The National Physical Therapy Examination (NPTE) is the examination that every graduate of a physical therapy or physical therapist assistant education program must pass to become a licensed physical therapist or licensed/certified physical therapist assistant (or to regain licensure/certification if lapsed) in the United States (US).  Foreign-educated candidates who wish to become licensed in the US must also take and pass this examination.- from

What is NBCOT? The National Board for Certification in Occupational Therapy, Inc. (NBCOT) is a not-for-profit credentialing agency that provides certification for the occupational therapy profession. NBCOT serves the public interest by developing, administering, and continually reviewing a certification process that reflects current standards of competent practice in occupational therapy. We also work with state regulatory authorities, providing information on credentials, professional conduct, and regulatory and certification renewal issues. - from

What is Praxis? Praxis Series Tests are taken by individuals entering the teaching profession in the United States as part of the certification process required by many states and professional licensing organizations. - from


Training and Development

Our Training and Development Design is based on the three main programs shown above. First of which is crucial in any business training process - Identifying the need. In any training programs, it is essential to know what is needed to be improved in a person or in a collective group so as to deliver a training session addressing this need. The second stage of the program is to deliver training. It is important to note that the training designed is concise, correct and focused to achieve its target. The third is evaluation of training given, to asses if the training conveyed is successful in its goals. These three are fundamental that they serve as the backbone of our design.

Most of our programs delivered are in the following areas: Speech Training and Communication Skills, Business Writing, Changing demographics and diversity of the work force, Different Cultures in work areas, New Technology and Globalization. 

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